Putting Links into Knowledge Articles

In a knowledge article, you can link to other articles or any other location on the internet or intranet. There are two methods for inserting links, one for articles and a second for everything else.

Links Are Not Functional while Editing Articles

While in editing mode for a particular article, clicking the hyperlinks in your content will not take you to the link location. To test your links, you must save your changes and click the Preview icon to open the article preview tab. The links will function in the preview window.

Inserting Hyperlinks to Other Articles (Smart Links)

SFDC calls the link to articles feature Smart Links. These are still hyperlinks, but SFDC formats them in a special way that makes sense to itself and then inserts the target article title as the display text.

  1. Place your cursor exactly where you want the link to go.insert hyperlink7
  2. Click the Smart Link icon in the toolbar for the current field. The Link Article window will open.
    Insert hyperlink2.png
  3. Enter an article number or other search text into the search field and press Enter.Insert hyperlink3.png
  4. Click to select the target article and click OK to insert the link. The link should appear where your cursor was, complete with the article title as the display name.insert hyperlink4.png

Inserting Hyperlinks to other Locations

For all other locations that are not other articles, use the Insert Link icon.

  1. Type all of the display text out where you wan the link to go.insert hyperlink5.png
  2. Select the specific text in which you want to embed the hyperlink.insert hyperlink6.png
  3. Click the Insert Link icon. The Link window will open.insert hyperlink7.png
  4. Type or paste into the URL field the complete URL of the target file.insert hyperlink8.png
  5. Click OK to save your changes. You will be returned to the editing window with your link in place.
    insert hyperlink9.png