Accurate Content, Delivered on Time

As a writer, I excel at analyzing new systems and synthesizing that knowledge into materials for others. As an editor and leader, I enjoy the challenge of developing the work and talents of my team. Working together, we can grow ourselves and the business, empowering our users to succeed alongside us. Fifteen years of experience combined with an advanced degree from DePaul University guarantees that our work together will not only be accurate and well-designed, but ethical and socially aware.

Rapid Acquisition of Domain Knowledge

Inquisitive by nature, I value knowledge greatly. If I cannot complete a task without research, then research must be part of the task. Several years of post-secondary education through the Masters level have helped to hone my ability to quickly find and utilize information. With my formal education behind me, my real-world education continues whether it be through time invested in professional development (learning new methodologies and skills) or budgeting time during the workday to learn just a bit more about the technology, history, and stakeholders of my current project. No knowledge gained is knowledge wasted, even if not readily usable yet.

The More Things Change…

After nearly twenty years of writing and editing both academically and professionally, I find that much of what I do today still starts with the basic reporter’s questions I used back at the student weekly paper: “What’s the news and who wants to know?” Sometimes the “who” is an API or XML transform instead of a diverse, human audience. Nevertheless, at each stage in the process of content’s production and consumption, one must remain aware of how it will function in multiple intersecting contexts and remain flexible for use in future contexts, be it web content, video, AR, or VR.

How the Sausage is Made

Whether you call it Information Typing, Docs-as-Code, or Single Sourcing, you know that the days of writing one thing for one audience once and for all are long since behind us. Just as engineers have embraced Agile in the last decades, so too have successful internal writing and content teams. We know the first published version of anything is imperfect, because we’re not done with it – we never are. As long as an enterprise is active, there is always more to create, revise, and build better.