Accurate Content, Delivered on Time

I excel at analyzing new systems and turning that newfound expertise into consumable materials for others. That includes end user documentation as well as development documents such as functional specs, diagrams, and research surveys. Eleven years of experience combined with an advanced degree from DePaul University guarantee that my work for you will not only be accurate and well designed, but ethical and socially aware.

Rapid Acquisition of Domain Knowledge

Inquisitive by nature, I value knowledge greatly. If I cannot complete a task without research, then research must be part of the task. Several years of secondary education through the Masters level have helped to hone my ability to quickly find and utilize information. With my formal education behind me, my real world education continues whether it be through personal time invested in professional development (learning new methodologies and skills) or budgeting time during the work day to learn just a bit more about the technology, history, and stakeholders of my current project. No knowledge gained is knowledge wasted, even if not readily usable yet.

Jack of All Trades, Master of nOne

It came quite by accident that while working in Technical Support, a Technical Writing position opened up in the same company. I had been complaining about the state of the documentation as long as I had been in the support group, and here was the chance to change it. It then seemed so obvious to marry my PC hobby with writing.

I’ve moved on from that original role, but continue to grow my expertise in not just writing but content strategy across multiple platforms and audiences.