Knowledge Centered Support Overview

Creating articles helps others who may encounter the same problem. Through recording, revision, and reuse of knowledge, we can solve issues more effectively.

In every opportunity for creating or revising articles, consider:

  • Are there new tools that would improve the article’s effectiveness?
  • Have there been product improvements or changes that may affect the content of the article?
  • Can FictionSoft be used to simplify or increase the accuracy of the diagnosis or solution?

Key Actions

If an article for the issue doesn’t exist, create it

Press Save and Create Article from the close case form to copy over all applicable case fields to your new article.

Goal: Collaboration and sharing of everyone’s knowledge.

If an article for the issue does exist, improve and reuse it

When you read an article, you might find that there are additional details, symptoms, or problems that lead to the same article. Add them to the article and submit it for publishing.

Goal: Increase confidence in an article by improving and reusing it.

If an article applies to your case, attach it and rate it

If an article helps you solve a case, attaching to the case and rating it will help others know that the article was useful and reusable.

Goal: Reusing and rating articles will highlight articles that are fixing problems.

Don’t re-solve old problems.