Here are several examples of my work for my current employer. In some cases, I had to have a bit of fun with them to remove company confidential information. On request, I can provide more content with the approval of the content owner, but note that an NDA may be required.

These examples demonstrate my focus on information typing and writing for reuse. The majority of my current writing and editing involves knowledge base articles or topics for use in multiple outputs, both online and print.

  • Putting Links into Knowledge Articles
    This is an example of a topic that I wrote for our standard work web content.
  • Condition Tags
    This is a sample topic from a training guide that I wrote for our SMEs. Our SMEs contribute a great deal of useful content and it is my job to ensure they follow best practices for topic based writing. The learning curve for Madcap Flare (or content and publishing app) is steep for some, so it was necessary for me to write a guide that spoke to their specific experience instead of directing them to the application help (which is deep and full of app components they do not use).
  • Using Image Captions
    This is another topic for training my SMEs on using HTML/XML best practices within the Madcap Flare environment. The app provides a rich XML editor, but leaves it to the user to apply best practices that will work in both digital and print outputs.
  • Warp Drive Hardware and Software Improvements Increase Warp Field Stability
    This is a rewrite of a Service Bulletin written for field engineers. While I wish I were writing for Starfleet, the original content was much more mundane, but not publicly available information.